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We repair and restore the woodwork and mechanics of almost all brands, depending on the condition and value of the instrument.


We give preference to instruments from our manufactory, as well as to harpists who have trusted us since our beginnings.


We have a fleet of instruments for beginners (Lever harps: medium and long term rental), as well as concert harps for soloists, orchestras, or other occasional events (short and medium term rentals).


We carry out estimates and appraisals for insurance, damage, etc.


We organize harp-making masterclasses for harpists from various music conservatories and universities (mainly in Europe but also in China).

These courses generally take place in two-hour sessions in groups of two to allow students to practice the various most common cases.

These courses are given as follows :

  • History of the harp making invoice with its developments.

  • Operation, technical explanations of the harp (woodwork and mechanics).

  • Simple problem settings to do yourself.

  • Detection and diagnosis of « failure ».

  • Intervention of students on an instrument.

  • Analysis of a problem and possibly emergency or final repair.